15 BC Ferries pet peeves you should know about that annoy your fellow travelers

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If you live on Vancouver Island, chances are you’ve taken a trip on a BC Ferries ship.

Living here is unavoidable if you want to go anywhere.

With any means of transport and a large number of people in one space, you are bound to come into contact with annoying situations.

And if you take the ferry often, you’re sure to see trends over time.

Curious, we took to Reddit to see what travelers were saying about their the biggest black beasts are when traveling on BC Ferries.

Without further ado, here are 15 things that annoy other BC Ferries passengers:

Luggage on open seats

As one Reddit user put it simply, “Seats are for bums, not luggage.”

Some customers think that their luggage deserves its own place or that they don’t want someone to sit next to them.

However, BC Ferries even notes this on its welcome announcements when the ferry begins the journey.

Remove your luggage from the seats to allow other customers to be more comfortable, especially during busy crossings.

Feet on open seats

See above. Also, gross!

Not being respectful of other passengers

Disregarding other passengers as a whole was a popular topic on the Reddit thread.

Commenters have posted about people using speakers to talk to someone on the phone, listen to music without headphones, or watch movies at full volume.

Put on your headphones, talk to your friend off-speaker, and help everyone enjoy the ride.

slow walkers

Many Reddit commenters talked about slow walkers on the ferry.

While we don’t know where they have to go so fast when they’re on the boat, maybe pull away if you want to take in the beautiful ocean views while you’re walking.

screaming children

Screaming children were a common pet peeve on the wire.

“I don’t mind them playing and laughing and running around, but what the hell is that screaming?”

Passengers do not realize that there are two cafeteria lines

For one Reddit user, fellow passengers not knowing how to properly navigate the ferry’s cafeteria was a big pet peeve.

Yes, there is a long line for hot food. However, if you just want something out of the fridge on the other side or a quick coffee, you can bypass the hot food line and head to the cashier.

The commentator is tired of having dirty looks.

People who sit in the cafeteria when they’re not eating

While we’re at it, there’s another common pet peeve about the BC Ferries cafeteria.

If you’re just hanging out with friends or reading a book, it’s probably best not to take up space where people might need it.

BC Ferries also recalls this in its announcements.

Attach charging stations

You know the feeling, you board the ferry and everyone rushes to the few available outlets and charging stations.

A Reddit user noted that some people plug in their phones and use the station for the entire trip.

Charge your device, then move somewhere else to allow someone to use the station.

And if you’re not charging your phone, maybe choose another place to sit.

Linger in the hallways

No matter where you are, lingering and blocking people from passing can be disruptive.

According to Reddit, this is a common occurrence on boats.

Leaving too much space between cars

To the car deck.

For many Reddit users, the spacing of cars on lower vehicle decks causes considerable frustration.

When parking your car on the ferry, be sure to stand as close to the car in front of you as possible.

By leaving a full car length, you may be preventing another customer from getting on the sail.

car alarms

Car alarms were by far the most noticed pet peeve when it came to traveling with BC Ferries.

We’ve all been there, you try to relax and the movement of the ferry sets off car alarms all around you.

Suddenly you are in a chaos of alarms that can go on forever, something that can otherwise be easily avoided.

According to Reddit, BMWs and Audis are the worst offenders.

Smoking on car deck

It’s not allowed, so please don’t.

It’s only an hour and a half and Reddit is unanimous in not wanting to smell it.

The cars start as soon as the ferry docks

Cars that start as soon as the ferry docks are another common bugbear of the car deck.

When the ferry docks, there is still some time before unloading.

Don’t start your car until your lane starts to go, for everyone’s sanity and lungs

Damage to vehicles

According to Reddit, people open car doors too quickly, crash into other cars, or drag bags and personal items along the sides of cars and rear-view mirrors.

Spaces are tight between cars and in driveways, but be careful.

Complain about BC ferries

Finally, it was suggested to complain about BC Ferries.

If we want to take a trip off the island at some point, we’ll have to take the ferry, so might as well take care of that.


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