5 apps to overcome fear of rejection and advance your career


Fear of rejection is a huge obstacle to success, especially for an entrepreneur. You fear that people will reject your proposal. You worry that they will refuse you a promotion. You worry that they won’t want your product. Because of these fears, you lose opportunities.

To top it off, you can’t get rid of your fear of rejection by just reading about it. It is something that you have to face and overcome on your own. Once you do, you will be able to seize opportunities and build your career.

Take a look at these five apps to overcome the fear of rejection!

1.100 days of rejection

When Jia Jiang, the founder of Rejection Therapy, realized that fear of rejection was holding back his career, he challenged himself to be willfully rejected 100 times. He hoped this rejection therapy would immunize him against the pain of rejection, and it worked!

Subsequently, Jiang created the Rejection Therapy website and the 100 Days of Rejection app. This app shares its checklist of 100 rejection scenarios.

The first task is to ask a stranger if you can borrow a hundred dollars, and it only gets wilder from there.

Each challenge includes alternatives if the basic version is not possible for you. He also understands Jiang’s ideas when he took on the challenge himself.


To download: 100 days of rejection for Android (free)

2. Dare me

If you fear rejection, you may have a tendency to avoid difficult situations. This app uses social responsibility to push you out of your comfort zone. You join the app with friends or colleagues, challenging each other to push your limits. It can help relieve impostor syndrome to fight your fears together.

Jiang also helped create this app. It’s a good choice if you want to challenge yourself, but don’t experience up to 100 rejections in a row.

DareMe includes challenges tailored to sales and business development. You can challenge your workplace to deal with rejection, make cold calls, and more. You can also create custom challenges.

Each time you complete a challenge, you earn points. Points determine your score in the workplace ranking. There is also a group chat where you can encourage each other.

To download: DareMe for Android | iOS (free)

3. Don’ts: break bad habits

The Don’ts app helps you stop your rejection avoidance habits. You can also use it for other bad habits, like laziness or poor eating. It follows the sequences to give you a sense of progress and accomplishment.

You can customize the app based on your specific fears. Here are some dos and don’ts for career-based rejection therapy:

  • Keep a pitch / proposal for yourself
  • Firing a job or promotion without applying
  • Predict a negative reaction
  • Take the easy way out
  • Avoid following up on an unresolved issue

Each day, the app will ask you to report whether you have avoided these behaviors or not. If you miss a day, you can always adjust it in your history, so it’s easy to follow.

To download: Don’ts for Android (free)

This app focuses on the healthy treatment of rejection and fear. It helps you stop denying yourself opportunities. It also attacks beliefs that fuel the fear of rejection.

The Anxiety Guided Series on this app is the best for dealing with fear of rejection. When you realize your fear of rejection is holding you back, choose Exploring my anxiety.

MyPossibleSelf exercises will help you recognize the physical and mental signs of anxiety. It will help you question your negative thoughts. Over time, these processes become automatic.

The app also helps you overcome negative self-talk and boost your self-esteem. It teaches you how to calm the physical symptoms of rejection anxiety. There are also many text and video resources to learn more about this topic.

To download: MyPossibleSelf: Mental Health for Android | iOS (Free, subscriptions available)

5. I am — Daily Affirmations

This app is more about the trust side of the fear of rejection. It counteracts the spiral of negative thoughts that the fear of rejection brings.

When you predict that others will refuse you, it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Using a more positive mindset can help you stop predicting negative responses.

To get your mind on a more optimistic path, I Am offers targeted affirmation sessions. You can also add an affirmation widget to the home screen. The text and the background are also customizable.

You can customize your own messages or choose from the included packs. We recommend affirmations for Stress and anxiety. If you buy a subscription, you can also get the Positive thought and Work and career packages.

To download: I am — Daily Affirmations for Android | iOS (Free, subscriptions available)

Advance your career without fear

When you’re not afraid of rejection, you can push yourself forward. You will be able to seize all the opportunities that you have avoided before. With this, your confidence grows.

For those who are just starting out in their careers, overcoming the fear of rejection is crucial. Beating him will make it easier to build a network and find your perfect job.

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