Ambleside Distillers Unveils Expanded Facilities to Increase Production


The square footage has been increased by a third, meaning more customers can book for an afternoon at the bar, a tasting flight or a blending masterclass, and there will be more space for walk-ins. .

The new production area has been multiplied by eight to reach 200 square meters, not only to integrate the new whiskey still but to integrate a new gin still (970 liters) in addition to the existing one (280 liters). Ambleside whiskey is expected to be ready to market in about three years, with production of other spirits also underway.

The Adelaide Hills are renowned the world over for their reputation as “clean and green,” and this was a key factor for the family in making the decision for the expansion.

There are 90 solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint and offset the energy consumption of the distillation process and a waste sorting facility to minimize the contribution of landfills.

In addition, the growth will triple the extent of the botanical gardens so that more ingredients for the distillation and for the tasting bar can be obtained directly on site. Not only does this mean the drinks perfectly reflect the soil and climate of the Adelaide Hills, but further reduce the carbon footprint due to the reduced requirement to source and transport ingredients from elsewhere.

“We are overwhelmed with the support and love from the community seeing people curious about when construction will be completed. We are thrilled to be able to welcome more people so that everyone can see the effort and passion that we put in our minds and in the world of Ambleside, ”said Matt Dickson of Ambleside Distillers.

“We will be able to offer more one-of-a-kind sensory experiences that go beyond a quick tasting and allow visitors to connect with the people behind our brand and feel like part of the Ambleside family. “

The expansion was supported by investment from a tourism industry development fund from the South Australia Tourism Commission. Ambleside is owned and operated by Matt Dickson, along with his parents, Trudy and Steve Dickson.

Prior to the launch of Ambleside, Matt was a skilled builder and managed the entire renovation project during the ten month process, mixing that experience with his day-to-day knowledge of how the distillery works.

“I’ve always had a love for whiskey and I’m really excited for this next chapter,” Dickson said.

“With the addition of a new still and more space, we will be increasing our whiskey production over the next three years. We have a range of single malts on the way, an everyday whiskey – a whiskey that I personally look forward to – and a few special casks.


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