Anson Mount on Strange New Worlds, Pike’s Future, and Why He Loves Data


Paramount+ is once again gearing up to boldly go where no one has gone before with the premiere of the highly anticipated Star Trek: Discovery spin-off series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Set in the years before Star Trek: The Original Seriesthe show will explore the adventures of ASU Enterprise under the direction of Captain Christopher Pike (Mount Anson). Pike was first introduced in The original seriesas well as number one (Rebecca Romijn), Spock (Ethan Peck), Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding), Doctor M’Benga (Babs Olusan Mokun) and the Nurses’ Chapel (Jesse Bush), although the roles were created by different actors. Strange new worlds should also introduce new characters, including La’an Noonien-Singh (Christina Chang) and Erica Ortegas (Melissa Navia).


During this one-on-one interview with Collider, Anson Mount chatted with us about Pike’s mental situation after the time crystal allowed him to see his dark future, working with different directors on each episode, the horse he rides in the first, and why he loves Data (Brent Spine). As with most of our interviews, you can choose to read the interview below or watch it in the video player above!

COLLIDER: In Discovery’s second season, Pike gets this glimpse into the future. Obviously, this is going to be kind of a shocking thing. Do we see some of that coming through in Strange new worldsand where is he mentally when we find him?

ANSON MOUNT: Yeah, we knew early on that we couldn’t really do the show without dealing with this issue at the top. There was no place to deal with it in episodes 13 and 14 of season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery for very clear situational reasons. But we had to deal with it here. We also knew that rather than mention it and avoid it or deal with it quickly and move on, we decided, or should I say, Keith and Henry decided very wisely to kick us in and attack in a way that feeds into the development of the character and the show itself. I’m very happy with how they did this, throughout season 1.

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Excellent. We have a mutual friend in Dan [Liu] who realized, I believe it’s episode 4 of season 1.

MOUNT: Oh yeah. He is here now.

Oh, great.

MOUNT: He’s doing episode 6 of season 2 now.

I also know someone, another person who directed season 2, but what was it like interacting with different directors for that and having different approaches to star trek through them?

MOUNT: It was amazing on this show more than any other, because we actually encourage our directors to come. Because we’re episodic and want each episode to be its own thing, we encouraged directors to come up with their own visions. Not just in terms of goals or style, but what genre do you want to do? What do you want to see? What do you want to see on the Business that you have never seen? And let’s see if we can make it happen for you.

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Which episode are you most excited for fans to see in Season 1?

MOUNT: Oh, man.

I know this is a difficult question.

MOUNT: It’s so difficult. Well I’m very excited about [Episode] 4, in fact. Dan knocked it out of the park. And it’s not just me saying that. I mean, other directors were mentioning this episode and how good it was. And it wasn’t an easy episode for reasons that-

I can’t mess up.

MOUNT: That’s right. It was a difficult episode. Dude, did he get away with it. Yes. That’s why we got it back.

I have to ask. In the first, you ride a horse. What is the horse’s name? And did you feel like you were living again Hell on wheels?

MOUNT: No, because the horse’s name was Pretty.

Oh my God.

MOUNT: I ​​had asked if Pike’s horse that we were introduced to in the original pilot was a fawn. We couldn’t find that. They had no way available. So we had a dark horse, but she was great. You just have to be very careful when working in this snow with horses because they tire very quickly. But man, she was super tough and obedient and loved looking at herself in the mirror. They have these mirrors in the equestrian center where we worked, and she was constantly distracted by her own image. Guess that’s why they call her Pretty.

Oh, I love that. And then for one last fun question, if you could swap roles with any other character in Strange new worldswho would it be and why?

MOUNT: Oh my God, that wouldn’t be Strange new worlds. It would be the The next generation. I didn’t hide it and I already told them. Data is, I think, perhaps the most imaginative and interesting character in star trek cannon. It’s Pinocchio in space. The dream of such an actor to play a non-sentient being who must learn what is sentient. I was so jealous as a young actor, watching him do that.

Oh, that’s great. Thank you so much.

MOUNT: Thank you.

Good evening.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds begins May 5 on Paramount+.

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