Atlanta police balk at 2% pay raise offer


A representative for Atlanta police officers said the city would fail in its promise to keep officers on if a 2% pay raise is approved.

“It’s disheartening,” said Lt. Kevin Knapp, president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers.

Knapp in May called for an overall rise of twelve percent. He also asked that a COLA, a salary adjustment linked to current conditions be included.

The city lacks several hundred authorized personnel. One of the reasons it has been difficult to retain city officers is the local and national demand for law enforcement officers.

An Atlanta cop can move in and instantly pick up ten thousand or more in bonuses and other incentives in addition to higher pay.

The Atlanta council later this month will make budget decisions. Knapp was told he might need to return to City Hall for more lobbying.

“I’m not going to do that,” Knapp told FOX 5. “I’m not going to bring officers in there to beg for something that’s the right thing to do.”

A spokesperson for Mayor Andre Dickens’ administration told FOX 5 that retaining public safety personnel remains a priority.

“The administration is fully committed to supporting all of our public safety officers. The City has completed full implementation of a historic 30% salary increase for DPA over the past three fiscal years. A new pay and grade study was authorized during this fiscal year, which will guide pay and staffing discussions for all employees, including APD,” ​​Mayor Dickens’ office released in a statement. . “And we are actively exploring opportunities to provide additional financial support to attract and retain the best police force in the country.”


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