Clarksville-Montgomery County # 6 nationwide for talent attraction


CLARKSVILLE, TN – The Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Board (EDC) is proud to share that Clarksville-Montgomery County is rising through the ranks amid the national competition for talent – recognized by EMSI Burning Glass at the sixth place for talent attraction.

EMSI’s annual Talent Attraction Economic Development Scorecard ranked Clarksville-Montgomery County sixth among the nation’s top counties for talent attraction. The study measures counties on how they develop their talent pool, with rankings based on migration data, job growth, education level, regional competitiveness and job vacancies by inhabitant.

This rise to sixth place, from a ranking of 115 (2020), was based on statistics marking growth in education, population and employment – including a 30% jump in the educational attainment, a 96% jump in net migration, a 10% increase in population and 7% increase in skilled jobs and jobs in general.

“Attracting talent and recruiting people to live and work in Clarksville-Montgomery County is essential to ensuring our growth and, ultimately, the success of our community. Our highly skilled workforce comes from what is arguably one of the best educational ecosystems in the state – which is actively engaged in creating a flexible and ready workforce, ”Buck said. Dellinger, EDC CEO of Clarksville-Montgomery County. “Our talent pool continues to grow, as world leaders, students and families are regularly drawn to the community by our wealth of opportunities and our extraordinary quality of life. “


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