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CLOVR is one of the state’s largest cannabis manufacturing brands.

Benefiting from a portfolio of in-house products and original partnerships Like their collaboration with Chrostopher Elbow. The company also has partnerships with some of the most recognized cannabis brands, including keef, Wana, Robhots, Care from conception, and High mountain suction cups.

CLOVR The offerings are among the most popular manufactured medical marijuana products in Missouri.

RRecently, the company announced an effort to show its appreciation to reception staff and clients of state clinics.

“We wanted a way to directly thank buyers for everything they do,” said Bethanie White, Marketing Director for Clovr. “They take the time to learn about our products and talk to patients about them. They deserve a big thank you for that and the least we can do is give them a moment of relaxation with friends from the industry. We at CLOVR are huge Halloween fans, so we thought we would combine our love for horror movies with our desire to have a fun and relaxing event for budtenders posed for perfect timing.

CLOVR will be hosting Budtender Appreciation Night events statewide in October. In partnership with Flora farms, the first event starts in Springfield (October 8 at Mothers Brewing), CLOVR is hosting the next event in Kansas City (October 14 at Grinders Crossroads), and will collaborate with LOTUS Premium extracts for a St. Louis Event (October 26 at 4 Hands Brewing Co.)

White says CLOVR hopes to include additional areas such as Columbia in the future.

Since its inception, CLOVR has made an impact as a visible brand, vocal leader in the push towards patient education and now helping to lead the way in educating and celebrating the staff members who interact with and educate these same patients. .

“Our products are intended for patients who need them for all types of illnesses. As more and more products enter the Missouri market there are more options for patients and it is very important to us that they know the details such as why ratio products can. work best, the difference between full spectrum and distillate, types of strains, ingredients, etc. The more educated the patient, the more effective the product and the better they will feel at the end of the day, ”White said.

“We’ve been focusing on educating budtenders since day one with our Learn Brands platform. There’s not much we can do with the information on our website, through flyers, social media and ad spend, ”she explained. “We know that the budtender (or wellness specialist) is the direct line with the patient. The more they know about the products, the better the patient and that is the end goal. “

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