Disney World has no plans to close day one attraction, despite rumors


Some Walt Disney World fans and guests have expressed concern about one of Magic Kingdom’s original attractions being closed. Frontierland Shootin ‘Arcade has been around for 50 years, but the attraction’s opening hours during a period of November and December were missing from Disney World’s listings. Since the arcade was not part of the park’s “Closed for Renovation” programming, many felt it was going away for good. Fortunately, this is not really the case.

With Frontierland Shootin ‘Arcade closing rumors swirling, Cinémablend contacted Walt Disney World for clarification, wondering if Magic Kingdom’s longtime staple was on the way out. A representative from the park confirmed that its side of the site had normal hours of operation from Nov. 27 to Oct. 11 – the period that the public side of the site lacked. It was simply a problem or error in the system causing the missing hours. Frontierland Shootin ‘Arcade sticks around.

The arcade may not be one of the biggest or most popular attractions in Magic Kingdom, but it is one of the few that has survived the park’s 50-year history. Disney World just launched the most magical celebration in early October, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the opening of Magic Kingdom.

The attraction used to cost guests a bit more, but it was closed to the public for a while following COVID-19. Even when Disney World reopened last year, the arcade remained closed. It just reopened with the arrival of the 50th anniversary celebration.

Its reopening has likely led to some confusion regarding its missing opening hours on the website. As it just reopened recently, closing it for repair wouldn’t have made much sense. And when he returned recently, he did so at no additional cost, making the attraction free for all guests. It is possible that some saw the gesture as a pleasant way to say goodbye to such a long-standing attraction. But that’s not the case, and the arcade remains for the foreseeable future.

Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration will continue at its four theme parks in Orlando, Florida over the next 18 months.

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