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A mum whose incredible baking masterpieces caused an internet sensation has now opened her own bakery, with queues around the block on opening day

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Naked Bakes is opened by three generations of Gemma Hamill’s family in Kings Heath

A mum who became an Instagram star after sharing the cakes she baked while on maternity leave has now opened her own bakery.

Naked Bakes founder Gemma Hamill says she and her mother ‘started crying’ after watching on opening day, moved to tears of joy at the sight of lines around the block .

The former Barnardo teacher started sharing photos of her baking creations while on maternity leave with her now three-year-old daughter Alba.

As previously reported by birmingham live, Gemma started sharing cake snaps just for fun, but things quickly took off, with her masterpieces proving to be a big hit with her Instagram followers.

During lockdown, Gemma started making afternoon teas and candy boxes to order, and found herself receiving requests from impressed people around the world.

Once the restrictions started to be lifted, she started baking big party cakes, with her eye-catching creations catapulting her into a viral sensation.

Gemma started sharing photos of her masterpieces while on maternity leave



Gemma’s big party cakes turned out to be a viral hit



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Gemma, who lives in Birmingham, said: “I did Instagram reels of a few cakes and they went viral. One, in particular, was an overdone pink ice cream cake, and it went crazy. The followers just kept coming.

“Within a short time, my kitchen had become too big and I needed to find a new space to accommodate all the orders.”

After spotting the unit on Woodthorpe Road, Birmingham, Gemma had no immediate plans to turn it into a store where customers could actually visit.

Gemma wanted to turn the unit into a place “people could come and relax”

Initially, she just wanted a commercial kitchen where she could have “everything in one place” while working towards “a healthier work-life balance.”

Gemma, who goes by the Instagram handle @naked.bakes, continued, “When I saw this store, I felt the space in the front was wasted, so I decided to make it a place where people could come and hang out.”

Within just six weeks, Gemma’s dad Barry had completely renovated the shop, with an Instagram-worthy dusty pink decor that looked practically good enough to eat.

Gemma’s dad Barry renovated the shop in just six weeks

Customers can treat themselves to fresh brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and slices of cake, with the drinks menu listing a variety of coffees and milkshakes. Gemma will also be offering vegan and gluten-free items starting next week.

The shop is perfectly equipped for families, complete with a wooden cooking station for children. Avid bakers can also purchase their own supplies from the shop, with Gemma stocking some of her own favourites.

The talented baker-turned-businesswoman said: “There aren’t any small independents here – there are plenty in the high street of Kings Heath, but not in my area.

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“The response from the locals has been so kind, they’re thrilled to have us.”

Along with running her gorgeous shop, Gemma will also continue to sell her amazing party cakes, which you can check out on Naked Bakes. website

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