Nurse Practitioner Jobs: 5 Countries to Consider


Nursing is an integral part of the healthcare system, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of jobs for nurse practitioners. offered abroad, for both local and foreign talent.

Although they are the backbone of healthcare, their role gained increased attention when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Recently, a shortage of nurses in several countries has been a major cause for concern in the health profession. The American Nurses Association (ANA) predicted that by 2022, more than 500,000 experienced registered nurses (RNs) will have retired. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of registered nurses is expected to increase by 9% between 2020 and 2030.

Whether you are a trained nurse or a nursing student, working outside your home country could be a lucrative job. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), nurses working abroad can receive on average 25% more than those who remain in their country of origin.

Here are five countries that offer jobs for nurse practitioners:

Nurse Practitioner Jobs: 5 Countries to Explore


There are many jobs for nurse practitioners in the UK as it faces a nursing shortage crisis. According to the latest quarterly health service vacancies data published by NHS Digital, there are 39,652 unfilled nursing vacancies in the health service in England.

The UK has opened up the recruitment of nurse practitioners overseas, which is a key staffing strategy to address the skills gap in the country’s healthcare sector. In addition to a flexible work schedule, a pension plan and a high level of job security the salaries offered to nurse practitioners in the UK are equally attractive.

Salaries will vary depending on factors such as your level of experience click here to see a compensation guide.


According to career center, opportunities abound for nurses in the nation’s healthcare sector, with multiple vacancies available in both the private and public sectors.

Best part of working in Ireland? Foreign nurses can apply for citizenship, which also means they can bring family members to live with them. You may even be entitled to a pension plan in the country if you have also obtained citizenship.

The salary of a nurse manager can vary between 31,109 and 46,521 euros, while a nurse manager can earn 50,211 euros.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers multiple benefits and advantages for nurse practitioners, including:

  • Paid vacation
  • Lodging
  • Transportation allowance
  • Experience Allowance
  • Medical insurance
  • Non-taxable income
  • Plane ticket
  • Training and support
  • The possibility of bringing your spouse and children with you

International Hospitals Recruitment Inc reports that foreign nurses in the Middle East can earn a salary of US$3,500 to US$15,000, depending on their experience.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE has recently undergone a major reform in the hiring of foreign trained nurses they made nursing degrees a mandatory minimum requirement to work in the Gulf nation.

It also offers many incentives for foreign nurses, including:

  • Free accommodation or housing allowance
  • Round-trip flight tickets
  • Non-taxable income
  • food allowance
  • Medical insurance and school allowance if you have children.
  • Transport to and from work
  • 30 days of annual leave per year
  • Bonus paid at the end of your mandate


Health Workforce Australia (HWA) estimates there will be a shortage of over 100,000 nurses by 2025 and over 123,000 nurses by 2030.

Reports say Australia will allow 2,000 foreign nurses and doctors into the country to work as part of a plan being finalized by the Commonwealth and states to ease a health workforce crisis.

Separately, the Australian Federation of Nurses and Midwives notes that nurses and midwives are in high demand in Australia, adding that there are excellent career opportunities with permanent and temporary jobs available.

For years, Australia has attracted many foreign nurses from India and Asian countries to its shores. Registered nurse salaries vary based on factors such as experience, location, and seniority, but registered nurses nationwide earn an average of AU$73,000 per year.

Ultimately, nursing can be a popular career for migration, but some countries may require incoming nurses to have certain work experience and a recognized overseas qualification, among other requirements, so be sure to do your homework before making a decision.


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