Queen Elizabeth II knows she ‘does it right’ with her charisma and body language


This year, she will be the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, which signifies 70 years of service. Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the evolution of the Queen’s charisma.

Judi began: “When the Queen first ascended to the throne, she used her body language and non-verbal cues to create the same aura of consistency, continuity and continuing tradition that she does now. These signals have hardly changed, if at all, in the seventy years of his reign.

“In the 1950s, they were vital to her survival as a powerful woman leader on the world stage.”

And over the years, his unruffled demeanor drove the country “through crises, scandals and dissensions that could have brought the monarchy to its knees.”

“As a young woman in uniform, it helped create a sense of resilience during the war and now she is using it to help her audience through the current pandemic.”

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Unfazed and unwavering, she has been a calming and stable presence for seven decades, Judi suggested.

She continued: “Her protocol ‘rules’ have remained carved in the rock.”

Hyperconscious of her role and her reputation, “she uses space and the spatial hierarchy to project power and status”.

During her 73-year marriage to Prince Philip, “her husband walked behind her and was rarely, if ever, seen touching her when she appeared in public.”


“His posture tends to be governed by protocol, with limited movement that makes his style of speaking so distinct.”

Always composed and collected, she avoids most forms of excitable gesticulation when speaking.

Her one “signing gesture,” which she and many high-profile royals use, is something Judi calls “the pointless point.”

It is “a ritual to suggest and direct the interest when they walk on appearances”.

“The Queen has always avoided any manifestation of emotion, especially self-pity. The royal smile is windproof and as perfect, symmetrical and enduring under any circumstances as it was when it is. became Queen for the first time. Like the Royal Wave, this is the case. one of her non-negotiable rituals and she is putting the skill in good hands with future Queen Kate. “

However, while her facial expressions rarely fluctuate, she sometimes gives her subjects a little glimpse into her inner world.

These are usually “occasional moments of disapproval” or times of real joy.

There’s the “scowl” the queen calls her “Miss Piggy Face”.

And on the other hand, her broad smile, which was more visible in her youth, is making more of an appearance now that the Queen is 90 years old.

“The Queen has become a bit more lively over the past few years, almost as if acknowledging that she has accomplished so much in terms of ‘getting it right’ and that she can allow herself to relax a bit. every now and then and show his fun side. “

She was spotted sharing playful moments with the Duchess of Cambridge during several engagements, one being the Trooping the Color 2018 show, where they met each other and shared a laugh on the balcony.

Queen Elizabeth II was also pictured sharing moments of joy with her husband, as they shared sweet smiles and laughs together.

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