SG Scentopia tourist attraction ignites the senses with AR retail space


Scentopia, a tourist attraction in Singapore, has unveiled its first retail space at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach Walk. Specializing in floral heritage and local Singaporean cultural scents, Scentopia will offer AR perfumery tours around free AR scented exhibits and DIY scent-making sessions at the scent bar. Nestled between Sentosa and Silosa Beach, Scentopia is billed as Singapore’s first AR perfume-making experience and boasts a retail space that spans over 3,000 square feet.

In parallel, a perfume personality test is offered to visitors to discover their personal olfactory selections and preferences. Visitors can also curate their own signature scene as room fragrances, reed diffusers, bath oils and scented candles. In addition to this, Scentopia has also prepared pre-made fragrances in its physical retail space. According to Scentopia, these products come in travel-friendly sizes and range from SG$5 to SG$500. INTERACTIVE-MARKETING contacted Scentopia for additional information regarding its retail space.


“We launched Scentopia in hopes of providing an immersive introduction to the world of fragrance for our loyal customers of today and tomorrow,” said Scentopia Director Prachi Saini. Since the pandemic hit, Scentopia has had to pivot to adapt. in turn, gave Scentopia the opportunity to grow it over the years. According to Saini, it was also the first step to advancing the world of fragrances, which she said was stagnating in terms of product innovations. before the introduction of Scentopia in augmented reality.

While fragrances have been around for a long time, the power of scent has evolved to be more than just an extension of a person’s personality. In fact, companies have started using scent as a form of marketing strategy. Over the years, various brands in hospitality retail, leisure, food and beverage, or even car showrooms have begun to add dimension to the brand with scent marketing.

For example, Singapore Airlines created its signature fragrance last August, known as Batik Flora by Singapore Airlines. Made in partnership with Singapore’s artisan fragrance label, Scent by SIX, the signature scent was known as Batik Flora by Singapore Airlines and includes floral notes of six flowers in SIA’s batik pattern: water ginger, common dianella , seaside purslane, simpoh lak, utania nervosa , and white kopsia.

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