Swansea Market shoppers set to enjoy stunning new attraction


An exciting new era for the Swansea market is expected to begin soon.

The iconic location is about to become even more welcoming to people who shop, work and live in the city center.

Construction is scheduled for next week on a new creatively designed space in the heart of the market where people can eat, work and play.

The works will last several weeks, nuisance being reduced to a minimum and the market remaining completely open. Transparent fences will be erected around the construction area to ensure the safety of people and maintain sight lines for nearby stalls.

The green themed market garden – which will open in time for Christmas – will feature more than 170 plants as well as an assortment of comfortable garden-style tables and chairs for visitors to enjoy purchased food and drink in a large room. variety of market stalls. .

Operated in accordance with the latest Covid guidelines, it will have free public Wi-Fi, electric charging facilities, recycling bins and a water station to refill water bottles.

High chairs will be available for people with young children. There will be bottle warmers and food – and there will be a play table for toddlers.

For the first time, dog lovers will be able to bring their well-behaved pets to the market. Dogs will be able to enjoy a bowl of water at the Swansea Jack Kennel, as long as they follow the new “dog rules” of the market.

The market, managed by the Swansea Council, attracts more than four million buyers per year in non-pandemic times and is permanently home to more than 100 companies.

Council Cabinet Member Robert Francis-Davies said:

“The Market Garden is part of a £ 440,000 improvement program in this wonderful location.

“This will help the market play a key role in Swansea’s great future, through our £ 1 billion regeneration program.

“The new functionality will be accessible, inclusive, well managed and will bring new footfall to traders.

“It is designed for the benefit and enjoyment of all customers – to meet friends and family, check emails and enjoy the fantastic range of food available on the market.

“It’s fast becoming a popular destination and it’s a flexible space that can also host events and exhibitions that will help attract a wider audience.

“These are exciting times for the market and the city center at large. “

The Market Garden, which will adjoin the famous shell stalls, will be visible from all sides thanks to its 7.5 m high pergola, the shape of which is reminiscent of the monumental dome of the market.

The design and name of the new attraction was decided by the public in a consultation exercise this year. Traders also had their say.

The key for traders was to maintain sight lines across the market. This was achieved by designing an open pergola without any walls but on which decorative elements can be hung to add greenery and create an atmosphere.

Once built, The Market Garden will stand on an underutilized and relatively unattractive space in the center of the market. It currently has tables rented by the day by occasional traders.

They will stop trading in this area after this Saturday (note: October 16) but will stay in the market, renting space in a new smart area a few meters away and still next to the world famous stalls that sell cockles. , wash bread. and other delicacies.

More: www.swanseaindoormarket.co.uk

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