The Ferris wheel will be a permanent attraction on Clacton Pier


CLACTON Pier bought one of its most popular rides after renting it for the first time last summer.

The Ferris wheel, which operated from June to October, will now be an integral part of the seaside attraction’s offer.

He is due to return from his winter holiday in Wales next week and the goal is to have the wheel ready for visitors by mid-February.

The decision to buy the ride came following a successful introductory season and a building permit granted by Tendring Council.

The 33-meter-high structure will return to its previous location at the front of the pier, although it may be moved further on the site in the future.

Director Billy Ball said the buying wheel was a major statement of intent and a show of faith in Clacton and its future.

“This is another important investment for us. It would have been easy to continue leasing the vehicle from its previous owners, but we wanted to add it to our offering on a permanent basis, ”he said.

“We may have to take it down for a few months in the winter, and for regular maintenance, but it’s now our property, and it’s here to stay.

“We are delighted to be able to make this announcement which we believe is an important step in helping to return Clacton to Premier League status.”

Mr Ball added that the ride drew a crowd last summer and helped boost overall attendance.

It was introduced as part of the pier’s 150th anniversary celebrations with the Looping Star Roller Coaster and Race’O’Rama rides.

The journey is due to start returning from Wales on January 11 and the main structure will begin to be rebuilt the next day, weather permitting.

Work needs to be done on the canopy and cars as part of their maintenance and they will be added later ready for mid-term.

Mr Ball said preparations for the wheel’s return have already started this week with the preparation of his site for installation.

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