The Lorain skate park will be added to the attractions


A new skate park proposed for the town of Lorain on one of the most famous plots will be of great help to this property.

And, the planners and local enthusiasts who kicked off the creative process on October 14 at the Lorain Palace Theater have shown that the excitement is high for a new skate park in Lorain.

Several hundred people attended Ramp It Up Lorain !, a forum to offer their ideas on what features they would like to see in the city’s new east side skate park.

Those in attendance also met pro skater Chad Muska, originally from Lorain and well known in the sport since the 1990s.

The skate park talks began when 13-year-old David Mihajlovich, an eighth-grade student at St. Anthony School in the eastern part of Lorain, emailed Lorain Mayor Jack Bradley’s office. .

This correspondence from David became a catalyst for City Hall staff to think about a new skate park.

Bradley was so impressed with David that he welcomed the two-year-old skater on stage to a round of applause.

And on the podium, Muska was amazed to see the community embrace the culture of skateboarding and BMX cycling.

He added that the project is meaningful, personally and for the community.

But what Muska said about skateparks is what residents should pay close attention to.

They are a safe place where young people can come to express themselves, have a physical and mental outlet and bring people from different communities together in a safe place.

For Muska, who moved back to Ohio and has family in Lorain, that’s what the skate park is all about.

To start his return home with a project coming to life where he was born, he said, “I have no words for this.

But, we have words.

There are skate parks throughout Northeast Ohio, including Vermilion, Avon Lake, Bay Village, and Sandusky.

Skate parks can bring people to the international city.

Over the past five or six years, Lorain has drawn thousands of foreigners to the city center with Rockin ‘on the River, which takes place at the site of the Lorain Port and Finance Authority’s festival, Black River Landing.

It also welcomes visitors to the Lorain International Festival and Bazaar, the FireFish Festival and the Summer Market, who returned to the city’s waterfront this year for two days of shopping.

In addition, the Théâtre du Palais has attracted several leading national artists to downtown Lorain.

And we would be remiss if we left out water-related activities such as the nationally sanctioned fishing tournaments on the Black River and Lake Erie.

There is so much more to do in Lorain in recent years, and visitors can stay downtown at the Ariel on Broadway Hotel.

The skate park is planned on the site of the old Lorain Products building, 1122 F St.

Planners, however, are adamant that the park at the 2.34-acre site will not emerge immediately.

The demolition of the building could take place in late winter or early spring 2022.

Next, the city aims to hold another public forum by mid-spring.

After that, the project planners will develop a scope of work in the summer and then bid on the project in the fall of next year.

There will be a plan review period and then another public forum at the end of winter 2022.

The inauguration and completion dates of the skate park remain to be determined.

The city has allocated $ 350,000 in federal community development grants for the project, and there will be additional fundraising.

Patricia O’Brien, Executive Director of the Stocker Foundation, told the crowd the story of the Lorain Products site as the home of inventor C. Paul Stocker.

Stocker’s business focused on telecommunications equipment and his wife, Beth K. Stocker, started the foundation which has donated millions of dollars to worthy projects since 1979.

During Ramp It Up Lorain !, Max Upton, Director of Lorain’s Construction, Housing and Planning Department, introduced skate park supporters, Ward 1 Councilor Beth Henley, Ward 3 Councilor Pamela Carter and City Public Goods Manager Lori Garcia.

Additionally, Upton thanked Program Manager Hannah Kiraly for leading the plans at Town Hall, and he thanked the crowd for participating that evening.

The forum had become anything but traditional community planning.

Upton said he wants voices to be heard and people’s participation in the planning process, and that he wants to be that vehicle to start and end the project.

In our eyes, the proposed new skate park will be a major asset for a city on the move.

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