The new weekend dinosaur attraction is on display at Hamerton Zoo in Peterborough

Getting to Peterborough Cathedral – T-Rex ©Natural History Museum

Fourteen life-sized ‘roaring’ animatronic dinosaurs have been displayed at Hamerton Zoological Park near Sawtry, taking visitors on a journey through time.

From ferocious T-Rex to mighty Triceratops, this immersive prehistoric adventure can be accessed by riding the park’s road train.

The recently extended road train, the KT Express, began its new route this month and is already offering young and old a “never before seen” perspective of some of the park’s old favorites and new dinosaur residents.

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The Dinosaur Exhibit at Hamerton Zoo Park, near Sawtry

Hamerton Zoo Park has been in continuous development since it opened over 30 years ago.

Located in the Cambridgeshire countryside, you can explore over 120 species with a unique collection of Australian animals.

A spokesperson said: “Our road train has always been hugely popular so we are extremely excited to open our new attraction. This is a separate attraction within the park that will operate on a schedule during the week and available all day on weekends and school holidays.

Next year will see several major expansion projects open, starting with this roaring dinosaur adventure.

The Dinosaur Exhibit at Hamerton Zoo Park, near Sawtry

Natural History Museum

Meanwhile, after a two-year wait due to Covid-19, Peterborough Cathedral will host the Museum of Natural History’s traveling exhibition, T.rex: The Killer Question in the 900-year-old building on July 18 to September 3.

Plans to present the exhibition in 2020 and 2021 had to be abandoned due to the pandemic.

This world-class exhibit features nine roaring, moving animatronic dinosaurs of varying sizes, including a three-quarter-length T.rex.

A 12-meter-long static model of a T. rex and a life-size T. rex skeleton will also be on display, facing each other across the cathedral’s transepts.

jurassic live

On August 18 and 19, the public can see Jurassic Live at Cresset – billed as a roaring new experience millions of years in the making and the closest you’ll ever encounter to real dinosaurs! Jurassic Live is an exciting new fun, educational and interactive stage. show, taking you on an adventure with the dinosaur rangers through the Jurassic Zoo in search of an extinct dinosaur.

Along the way, you’ll encounter and learn about dinosaurs from the Cretaceous and Jurassic eras, including Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and even the mighty T-Rex!


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