“The Real Housewives of the Potomac” Recap, Season 6, Episode 15


Over the past six seasons, the vanity of The real housewives of the Potomac was that regardless, the Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon plot and intrigue were necessary evils for the series to continue. However, this episode and the last one argued for a decline in the power rating of Green-eyed Bandits; the duo threatened to revolt only to be pushed back on several occasions.

This week, Robyn and Gizelle “sneak” (how do you really sneak in a medical boot?) In the middle of the night to stay in a hotel 30 minutes away (I note that they haven’t confirmed Marriott, so I don’t suppose that’s where they landed). Now, as someone who once only had the budget for a Chinatown bus, subway sandwiches, and couch surfing, I can appreciate paying for the accommodation you want, but all the stories are a bit too much at this point. We all know very well that it was the production that selected this house, and at first they refused to make the trip, so being upset by the lack of comfort is like being crazy that there have more fish dinners at the wedding reception you don’t have RSVP. (Having said that, I’m quite puzzled as to the layout of this house – it’s big enough for Ashley to have her own exercise space, and there was a separate bar, but no bathroom on the second floor. Who did this construction work, the people at Extreme makeover: house edition?)

However, what really upset them more than anything was that they chose to leave and the group didn’t care, just as the gang weren’t upset when they chose not to travel in. first place. The drama and mess goes very well without them, as always, and neither Karen nor Wendy feels the need to kneel down in front of them for camera time. They try to make that point – the fact that no one is following them to see them at their hotel safely, but he’s a non-starter: they keep in touch in their group chat, and they’re almost certainly followed by the production. It must be unsettling for both of them to realize how easy it can be to be devalued, especially when they both need to maintain the power they have over this show and the control that comes with it. : We’ve all seen the dangerous conditions and the stairway to heaven under which Gizelle currently lives, thanks to the disastrous podcast launch event we recently witnessed.

This is why I find it so interesting that Robyn chose to be intractable in his conflict with Wendy. Robyn and Wendy won’t be good friends, but for what it’s worth, I don’t think Robyn has any strong friendships on this show outside of Gizelle; On several occasions this season, for example, Robyn had to be reminded to say hello to Askale at an event, and it was she who introduced Askale to the cast. Housewives work best when groups break up to reconcile; endless silent treatments and blank stares are not part of this program. This is where someone like Ashley or Mia shines and probably why Mia is rocking the cast so much since she plays by classic housewife rules and not those invested in maintaining their position; it sticks and moves and resets for the next conflict. Mia was certainly messy on the boat ride they all took, but she didn’t distort Robyn’s words as much as Miss (or is Ms. now?) Dixon would like to pretend; she’s been saying all season that it’s not the Wendy she knew a year ago, that the woman she met had substance – I don’t know that you glean that while drinking on a picnic bench, but to each their own. But Robyn vowed to victimize herself here – a conversation could have taken place a long time ago where she simply admitted that she had approached the conversation badly and that Wendy’s comments about Juan hurt her. However, instead, we bypass the drain, and Robyn’s Satin Hats still occupy real estate in his mother’s garage.

Surprisingly, Mia and Wendy manage to accomplish the patented Real Housewives Frenemy trigger. I know it’s a branded “fake makeup scene that already fell apart before the reunion”, but even given that I have to say I find it. very ridiculous that ‘you don’t have to appreciate my creative journey, but at least respect it’ of a 34 year old pursuing an MBA is really tolerated alongside ‘you can say whatever you want about me but leave my mom who was chewed up by the prison industrial complex and is single recovering drug addict. Color me dramatic, but I think a longer conversation should have taken place here. If your husband has essentially spent the day disciplining you like a toddler at Disney World for your behavior, the result may be something a little deeper than “all parties have something to apologize for here,” but at least we get some intrigue as we move forward towards the end of the season.

Next week it’s time to boil the crab; Ashley, G and Mia get down to it; and Michael is terrorizing our screens just in time for Halloween. To all then !

• This is only tangentially related to the episode, but why do the people of Maryland think their state flag should be on everything? It sounds like a bad kindergarten art project, but they will put it on EVERYTHING. I promise you can keep your cup of Maryland coffee at home.

• Ashley is deeply troubled by G’s behavior on this trip, which is almost amusingly paradoxical. I’m not saying that G doesn’t behave rudely towards her; clearly everyone on the trip has commented on his behavior, and again it is extremely disappointing to see all of the men choosing to stay in the background and mind their own business. However, either she possesses a very high level of unconsciousness, or she thinks that Michael’s accent makes her behavior less obvious because they are really not that far from each other; G probably just likes hanging out with black people a bit more, if we’re frank here.

• Karen Huger, of the Surry County Hugers, is full of gems on the road to her vow renewals. This week, she announces, “If you let all of your women continue down this path, they won’t look like this at 58. I must love his humility.

• I have to say I agree with Mia on luxury vacations. I’m going to stretch out and assume COVID played a bit of a role here, but I’m a mom of three and professional, I don’t want to go on vacation and have to cook and clean myself; I’m sorry, this is what you do in college to save money for spring break, or on Summer house where they pretend they don’t have any money, or something (I’m not watching this show).

• I like the dynamics of Ray and Gizelle together when they are well placed. I don’t know what’s in Ray’s cafe this season, but he looks comfortable on camera, and it shows.

• Chris Bassett admitted intoxicated – and also got Candiace to say – that Ashley was “not that bad” the same night Candiace yelled at him for giving Monique a character letter. One wonders how much this is theater for the sake of Candiace looking to get Kleenex approval.

• Speaking of Chris, it’s kept in the background, but he’s very silent, which means he’s “down to earth” with black people in a way that I don’t make a point of. to call as it seems unnecessary in all plot points of the show but starts to squeak. Earlier in the trip, he made a point of expressing his preference for black women, which has been mentioned before, but, okay, whatever. This week, he repeatedly declares his desire to play Spades, which to those who don’t know him is a very popular card game in African American homes that looks a bit like Hearts inside out. I don’t like, walking into clean rooms to talk about the latest podcast episode of The Daily or, you know, my favorite episode of It’s always nice in Philadelphia, so it’s very annoying when he feels the need to do that performance. I’m sure he likes Spades, but I half expected him to activate Candy by Cameo and have everyone do the electric slide later.

• Trying to explain how grieved she was about the glorified dormitory she and Gizelle were placed in, Robyn asked, “What if Juan comes? Which is kind of like telling my mom that I wasn’t married yet because I was saving myself for Yahya Abdul-Mateen. We both need to start operating in a universe with more likely results (although if you ask me, Yahya and I are doomed to each other).


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