Township of Mont Morris. leaders face criticism amid allegations of racism


MOUNT MORRIS, Mich. (WJRT) – Mount Morris town hall has been the scene of protests over the past week.

Activists demand the resignation of two officials of the municipality.

It all stems from an alleged racial insult aimed at the township’s chief financial officer – who is black.

In Mount Morris Township, protesters are making sure their voices are heard at the township board meeting.

Protesters demand the resignation of Treasurer Gayle Armstrong.

This all stems from news reports that Treasurer Gayle Armstrong admitted to calling CFO Greg Eason, a boy, in a conversation in October.

The word boy, when referring to black men, is considered derogatory.

Armstrong, who is white, reportedly said she didn’t think of it as a racial insult.

But, community activist Arthur Woodson, along with other members of the community, say this type of behavior is not acceptable and action must be taken against township officials.

“We demand that they resign or be removed from their positions because this should not be tolerated.” (stubborn too) “we think justice should be solved, they should be charged with a misdemeanor for filing a false police report and setting an example,” said Woodson

Earlier this year, Armstrong accused Eason of throwing his cane at him, a claim that was belied by surveillance video.

Eason filed a defamation lawsuit against the township and Armstrong last month.

ABC12 News spoke directly to the municipality and was told they could not comment as there was a pending lawsuit.

The township is also holding a board meeting on Monday evening, the agenda does not mention anything about the allegations.

Stay with ABC12 News for any updates on this developing situation.

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