Volunteer State Book Award Entries Highly Successful at Mount Carmel Public Library | Rogersville


The Volunteer State Book Award (VSBA) is sponsored annually by the TN Library Association and the TN Association of School Librarians.

Each year, TN children are invited to read books from a list of titles librarians have chosen to come up with, after reading hundreds of newly published books. The aim is to promote awareness, interest and enjoyment of recently published books.

Students choose the winners by reading as much as they can and choosing the books they like best. It helps students try out many different types of books instead of just reading A Wimpy Kid’s Dairy.

The Mt. Carmel Public Library now has the primary and middle books, but with enough interest we can add books for middle and high school.

These books are perfect for reading and family discussion that will foster a true love of literature with long term benefits for students. These books are circulating fast now, so come buy one while you can.

We limit customers to one delivery person and a single two-week departure to accommodate all students who want to decide which book is best for the year in Tennessee.

Maybe you don’t want to come to the library, or you just don’t have the time. Get on your phone or computer and go to TN READS and with your library card numbers anyone in TN can browse thousands of books (a few at a time, of course), magazines, audiobooks , but above all these books well read and selected by teachers. just released recently or classics released for years.

Our October tip is to give everyone who reads a book in October a treat. We’ve got something for everyone from seeds and candies to stickers and pencils.

When you come, share the book you liked with us and choose your own treat. Most of our book purchases are based on customer demand, so let us know what you want to read.

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